Bryan Ku / CSULB


Sunook Park

About The Brand

Olian was created with outdooers in mind.  Using natural materials and colors found in nature, the packs produced by Olian are the exact opposite of your everyday bags.  Similar to a breeze, these packs are made to disappear into the background; to be excused.  It is always there, but only noticed when realized.  Our name comes from Aeolus, the ruler of the wind in Greek mythology and the word 'eolian' which means to be carried by the wind.


The mark is a representation of the wind, but the way the logo mark is applied is what really sets it apart.  It is meant to semi-disappear when applied because of its lightness and looseness.  There are no strict guidelines to how it must be applied; like the wind, it goes where it pleases.  The mark also serves as a secondary element for the brand.  The Olian icon disappears as the logo and instead becomes a decorative element for where it is applied.

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Sunook Park, Brand Coach