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Judy Food

About the Brand

After 17 years as a boat captain in Florida, Judy gave up the sea and took flight — literally — moving to Chattanooga to pursue her passion for hang gliding.  As a believer in the vegan lifestyle, Judy brought her fellow gliders homemade dishes, free of any animal products, in hopes of advocating a healthy lifestyle.  Sadly, her audience was not impressed. 


But, Judy did not give up. She went back to her kitchen determined to prove them wrong. Recipe after recipe, week after week, she experimented, tested and sharpened her skill.  One day, she was finally met with an

enthusiastic response from her friends.  Soon Judy had started a vegan food delivery business that filled her heart with pride and her pocket book with extra hang gliding money. Today her company JudyFood is ready to take flight —  expanding nationally and bringing wholesome food to stores near you.

Brand Visualization Process

Drawing inspiration from Judy as a character, our team explored different directions for the brand.  Four directions that the team chose was to be wholesome food, adventurous lifestyle, mad scientist and judy as a character.  As the brand developed these attributes became the foundation of the final logo.

Final Signature




Sunook Park, Brand Coach